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Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Neodiprion abietis Harris, 1841


Neodiprion abietis is a main forest pest in its native range (North America: Canada, USA). Pest is a tree defoliator whose larvae feed mainly on 1 or 2-year old needles, rather on younger. The balsam fir sawfly feeds on Abies balsamea and other conifers in its native range. Larvae feeding is responsible for defoliation and foliage weight loss in trees and can caused weakening in plant vitality and even tree moratlity.

Main ways of entry are import of cut-flowers and branches of no host plants (In 2016 in Neatherlands pupae of N. abietis was found in Gaultheria cut-branches imported from USA),import of seedlings, plants for planting (especially of ornamental plants), cut trees- christmas trees and spread of winged adults.

Rating of the likelihood of entry: High (in case of large import volumes. of potentially infected plants)

Neodiprion abietis is native North America (Canada) species. Considering that climate conditions in Poland are similar to those in its native range the entire PRA area is potentially endangered.

Rating of the likelihood of establishment outdoors: Moderate (There is lack of informations about new potential host plants in PRA area )

Monitoring of constigments (from production to transport) is a basic phytosanitary measure. The production should take place in pest-free area. The phtotsanitary measures (like removing of plants waste) must be respected on all levels of preparation of packages. All products need to be detroy in case of pest occurence. There is no informaction on systemic insecticide efficiency.

Research is currently being conducted as to the possibility of NeabNPV using in biological control of pest.

More reasearch of  N. abietis biology and  methods of its control is needed.



  • Neodiprion abietis


  • Abies amabilis
  • Abies balsamea
  • Abies concolor
  • Abies grandis
  • Abies lasiocarpa
  • Abies magnifica
  • Picea engelmannii
  • Picea glauca
  • Picea sitchensis
  • Pseudotsuga menziesii


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