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Coccotrypes cyperi – distribution, host plants and potential for establishment in Sweden and the Nordic region


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The bark beetle species Coccotrypes cyperi (Beeson) was intercepted in Sweden in February 2021 on a bonsai tree of Ficus retusa most probably introduced from another country. Scolytidae1 spp. (non-European) are regulated as quarantine pests in the EU (Regulation (EU) 2019/2072). In order to adapt and optimize the risk management of the interception of C. cyperi further information about the species, e.g. in terms of distribution, host species and the potential impact, is needed.

SLU Risk Assessment of Plant Pests was requested by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to make a quick assessment of the species and to provide answers to the following questions:
1) Can it be confirmed that Coccotrypes cyperi is a non-European species? 2) What is the likelihood of establishment outdoors in Sweden and the Nordic region? 3) Can C. cyperi attack plant species relevant for Sweden and the Nordic region?


  • Coccotrypes cyperi


  • Ficus retusa


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  • Sweden