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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for: Agrilus horni


Agrilus horni (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) or aspen root girdler is a phytophagous jewel beetle. It is only found in North America (USA and Canada), where it injures species of young Populus suckers found in sparse stands; some of the susceptible Populus species are present in the UK. All potential pathways of entry have been assessed as unlikely or very unlikely, but, if it arrived in the PRA area, this beetle would be likely to establish. All potential impacts are assessed as small, albeit with low confidence. This is because there is a possibility that Populus species present in the UK that this beetle has not encountered might yet prove to be more susceptible, since Agrilus species can sometimes be very damaging to novel hosts. Test planting and nurseries of Populus trees are most at risk.
This PRA may has had some minor edits following feedback on the draft version.


  • Agrilus horni


  • Populus alba
  • Populus balsamifera
  • Populus grandidentata
  • Populus tremula
  • Populus tremuloides


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  • United Kingdom