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Until recently, the species was intercepted only during import control from consignments originating from China, Malaya, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand (Jansen 1998, 2011). Since 2015, Aleuroclava jasmini has been found in greenhouses on potted plants of Gardenia jasminoides originating from Ivory Coast in two different glasshouses in the Netherlands. 

The species is polyphagous and has most likely been introduced with imports of plants for planting. In the Netherlands, the species is not expected to cause much damage but it may cause more damage in southern EU member states. The species is already present in the EU. It is known to be present in Malta but might have a wider distribution in the EU because of its history of interceptions and introductions in many countries around the world.


  • Aleuroclava jasmini


  • Gardenia jasminoides


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