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Express PRA for Lyctus sinensis – Interception –


The beetle Lyctus sinensis is endemic to Asia (China, Korea, Japan). Currently, it is present in Europe only on several British islands and in Kent/UK. So far, it is listed neither in the Annexes of Decision (EU) 2019/2072 nor by EPPO.

The beetle infests only dry wood: outdoors, in stores as well as wood in constructions. One report describes it also in stored grain. 

Due to appropriate climatic conditions in Germany, it is assumed that L. sinensis can establish outdoors in Germany. Establishment in Southern European EU-Member States is possible, too. 

The beetle only infests dry wood and stored grain. Thus, it is a storage pest. L. sinensis poses a high damage potential for dry stored wood or wood in constructions. 

Based on this risk assessment, it is assumed that the pest can establish in other parts of Germany or in Member States that currently are not infested and cause not insignificant damage. However, the damage is limited to dead plant parts. 

Thus, L. sinensis is not classified as a potential quarantine pest and Article 29 of the Decision (EU) 2016/2031 does not apply. The user is advised to destroy or disinfect the infested material to avoid damage.


  • Lyctus sp.


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