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ANSES OPINION on a Request for an express pest risk analysis for Martinique and French Guiana following reports of Brachyplatys subaeneus, an invasive Plataspid, in Guadeloupe


Brachyplatys subaeneus, known as the black bean bug, is a minor pest of plants of the family Fabaceae. Native to tropical and subtropical humid areas of Asia, it has been reported in other countries such as Panama (2012), the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica (2019). The bug was detected in Guadeloupe in August 2020 on pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan – Fabaceae) in a private garden in the municipality of Petit-Bourg. The Caribbean and French Guiana have numerous trade operations with countries where Brachyplatys subaeneus is already present, such as China and the Dominican Republic.
ANSES is being asked to provide its opinion regarding the following points:
- What is the probability of introduction of Brachyplatys subaeneus into Martinique and French Guiana via imports from at-risk third countries or flows between French overseas départements? Through what types of flows (plants, wooden pallets, other commodities)?
- Does this pest have the potential to cause damage (economic, environmental or social impacts) in Martinique and French Guiana?
- If Brachyplatys subaeneus has the characteristics of a quarantine pest with an unacceptable risk, what appropriate measures (at the border or inside the area) can be taken against this bug?


  • Brachyplatys subaeneus


  • Cajanus cajan
  • Fabaceae
  • Phaseolus


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PRA Area

  • French Guiana
  • Martinique