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Interception; Phytosanitary risk: low

The origin of the powder-post beetle Sinoxylon unidentatum (synonym: Sinoxylon conigerum) presumably is the Orient and so far, it does not occur in Germany. The establishment in Italy and Spain could not be confirmed, due to the currently available data. So far, the beetle is listed neither in the Annexes of Directive 2000/29/EC nor by EPPO. At least in Ukraine, Japan, Ecuador and Venezuela the beetle is listed as a quarantine pest. Sinoxylon unidentatum is polyphagous and infests the sap wood of fresh and dry dead/felled woody plants inclusive wooden packaging. The beetle infests deciduous and coniferous trees as well as bamboo. Occasionally, adult beetles bore into living plant parts. Due to non-appropriate climate conditions, it is assumed that S. unidentatum is not capable to establish outdoors in Germany. Currently, the establishment in South European EU Member States cannot be completely ruled out. Indoors, the establishment is possible everywhere. Due to its low damage potential for living plants, S. unidentatum does not pose any phytosanitary risk for Germany and other EU Member States. Thus, S. unidentatum is not classified as a quarantine pest and § 4a of the Plant Inspection Order does not apply. It has to be considered that the presence of S. unidentatum possibly can be traced to inadequate treatment of packaging wood according to ISPM No. 15. As a precaution measure, it is recommended to destroy infested material because the beetle has a considerable potential to destroy wooden products and the infestation of further articles has to be prevented.


  • Sinoxylon unidentatum


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