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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for: Dendroctonus valens


Dendroctonus valens is a bark beetle from the subfamily Scolytinae, which is native to North America. Its recorded hosts include a wide variety of Pinus species (pine trees), with occasional reports on other conifers. Adults and larvae construct galleries in the lower bole (below about 2.5 m) and into the roots. In its native range it is a secondary pest on dead or already declining trees. However, it is an invasive pest in parts of China where it has been causing very high impacts, potentially linked to severe drought in the worst affected region. The beetle also vectors a number of plant pathogenic fungi, though it does not appear to have an obligate association with any of them. Definitive data on spread capacity are lacking, but some specimens of D. valens appear to be capable of flying at least 10-20 km.

This PRA is currently a draft out for public comment. It is possible that the PRA may be updated after August/September 2021 if comments are received which provide new information which would improve the PRA. 


  • Dendroctonus valens


  • Pinus
  • Pinus tabuliformis


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