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Summary of the EPPO PRA on Chrysobothris femorata and Chrysobothris mali (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) and its implications for Great Britain in preparation for new GB legislation


[under stakeholders's comment up to 2024-02-09]

The EPPO PRA for these beetles (September 2021) concluded that these pests pose a moderate risk (with moderate uncertainty) to the EPPO region. Imports of host round wood with bark were considered the most likely pathway for entry. It also estimated that establishment of this pest is highly likely outdoors (with low uncertainty for C. femorata and moderate uncertainty for C. mali).  

A summary of the main findings of the EPPO PRA and their significance to Great Britain are given.


  • Chrysobothris femorata
  • Chrysobothris mali


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  • United Kingdom