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Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Choristoneura lafauryana (Ragonot, 1875)


Choristoneura lafauryana in native to west and south Europa. Insect was reported also in Asia (even in Japan and Korea). The range of pest distribution may be extended because of climatic change.

Overall risk assesment:

There is no data of Choristoneura lafauryana occurrence in PRA area. However, pest was reported in Gemany, where probably is very abundant.

Mistakes in pest identification are common, as some of Tortricidae (Choristoneura and Archips genres) species look and act alike Choristoneura lafauryana . Becouse of that pest may be present in PRA area.

In case of climate change the pest may be able to survive in PRA area (especially in West Poland)

The likelihood of losses in filed crops is low.

Phytosanitary measures:

Monitoring and special chemical protection of imported plant material (especially ornament al and fruit plants, spice species in pots) from area of C. lafauryana occurence are basic phytosanitary measures.


  • Choristoneura lafauryana


  • Abutilon sp.
  • Artemisia sp.
  • Boehmeria nivea
  • Cirsium sp.
  • Citrus sp.
  • Fragaria sp.
  • Glycine
  • Ledum macrophyllum
  • Malus pumila
  • Malus sp.
  • Medicago sativa
  • Myrica gale
  • Pyrus sp.
  • Ribes sp.
  • Salix sp.
  • Trifolium repens


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PRA Area

  • Poland