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Pest categorisation of potato virus A (non‐EU isolates)


Following a request from the EU Commission, the Panel on Plant Health has addressed the pest categorisation of non-EU isolates of potato virus A (PVA). The information currently available on geographical distribution, biology, epidemiology, potential entry pathways, potential additional impact over the current situation and availability of control measures of non-EU isolates of PVA has been evaluated with regard to the criteria to qualify as potential Union quarantine pest. Because non-EU isolates of PVA are absent from the EU, they do not meet one of the requirements to be regulated as a regulated non-quarantine pest (RNQP) (presence in the EU); as a consequence, the Panel decided not to evaluate the other RNQP criteria for these isolates. This categorisation was performed considering two groups of isolates: those reported in Solanum betaceum (PVA-TamMV, not reported from the EU) and all other isolates (hereafter referred to as PVA, worldwide distribution). Non-EU isolates of PVA and of PVA-TamMV do not meet one of the criteria evaluated by EFSA to be regarded as a potential Union quarantine pest, since they are not expected to have an additional impact in the EU.


  • Potato virus A


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