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Coleosporium asterum

List of PRAs (Organism)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Commodity risk assessment of black pine (Pinus thunbergii Parl.) bonsai from Japan 2019-03-28 2019-05-17
Commodity risk assessment of bonsai plants from China consisting of Pinus parviflora grafted on Pinus thunbergii 2021-12-16 2022-03-14
Feedback on a list of plant pests with candidates for risk assessments (2021) 2021-07-02 2022-01-14
Pest categorisation of Coleosporium asterum, C. montanum and C. solidaginis 2023-05-25 2023-08-31
Pest Risk Analysis for Coleosporium asterum 2015-04-23 2019-07-11
Screening potential pests of Nordic coniferous forests associated with trade in ornamental plants 2020-01-01 2022-01-14