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Feedback on a list of plant pests with candidates for risk assessments (2021)


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A number of plant pests found in EFSAs media and literature horizon scanning have been scored using EFSAs PeMoScoring tool (EFSA 2021). The pests were scored regarding their potential risk and compared to a set of reference pests resulting in “positive” and “negative” pests (EFSA 2021). Which plant pests that would require further action, e.g. risk categorisation needs to be decided. A list of other plants pests that recently have been the subject of risk management action in different MS were also included. Table 1 below provides a list of all pests including their synonymous names. SLU Risk Assessment of Plant Pests was requested by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to provide feedback in terms of whether these pests are present in Sweden and to provide other information that is relevant for which of the pests that should be chosen for risk assessments. Due to extreme time constraints the work focused on i) verifying whether the pests are reported to be present in Sweden and ii) to provide additional information about some of the pests scored ‘negative’ in the PeMoScoring and some of the recently managed pests that may be relevant for the further discussions


  • Coleosporium
  • Coleosporium asterum
  • Dryadomyces quercivorus
  • Erysiphe corylacearum
  • Platypus quercivorus


  • Pinus
  • Quercus


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  • Sweden