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Phyllosticta citricarpa

List of PRAs (Organism)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Evaluation of a paper by Guarnaccia et al. (2017) on the first report of Phyllosticta citricarpa in Europe 2017-11-21 2018-10-02
Evaluation of new scientific information on Phyllosticta citricarpa in relation to the EFSA PLH Panel (2014) Scientific Opinion on the plant health risk to the EU 2016-05-17 2018-10-02
Pest risk assessment and additional evidence provided by South Africa on Guignardia citricarpa Kiely, citrus black spot fungus – CBS[1] - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Plant Health 2008-12-17 2018-07-26
Scientific Opinion on the risk of Phyllosticta citricarpa (Guignardia citricarpa) for the EU territory with identification and evaluation of risk reduction options 2014-01-30 2018-07-24