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Pest Risk Assessment for Dutch elm disease


This PRA has been performed because Dutch elm disease (DED) may pose a threat to Finland.  DED is a fungal disease that causes high mortality of elms. DED and its vector beetles are widely present in most of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, but they are not known to be present in Finland.  However, in the current phytosanitary legislation there are no measures targeted at preventing the entry and establishment of the pest in the PRA area.  


  • Ophiostoma novo-ulmi subsp. americana
  • Ophiostoma novo-ulmi subsp. novo-ulmi
  • Ophiostoma ulmi


  • Ulmus
  • Ulmus alata
  • Ulmus americana
  • Ulmus glabra
  • Ulmus laevis
  • Ulmus minor
  • Ulmus procera
  • Ulmus pumila
  • Ulmus rubra
  • Ulmus serotina
  • Ulmus thomasii
  • Zelkova carpinifolia


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PRA Area

  • Finland