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Quickscan Aromia bungii


Aromia bungii is a longhorned beetle which is present in different countries in eastern Asia. In recent years, the pest has also locally been found in Europe (Germany, Italy). A. bungii can attack tree species from different plant families but it is especially known as a pest of Prunus spp. It can very likely establish in the Netherlands. When the pest would become established in the Netherlands, it can especially damage Prunus spp. and Populus spp. in tree nurseries, orchards (cherry and plum) and in public and private areas. There is a risk that it extends its host range considering the wide range of host plant species reported. However, the extent of the expected damage is uncertain because of the limited information available about the pest and uncertainty about the pest’s behaviour outside its native range. The pest has for example mainly been reported as a pest of peach and apricot trees (which are not grown in the Netherlands) and it is uncertain to which extent plum and cherry orchards in the Netherlands are endangered. Potential pathways are wood including wood packaging material (WPM) and plants for planting of host species. Plants for planting of Prunus spp. (if dormant) and Populus spp. may be imported from countries where the pest is present without any specific restrictions. WPM should be treated according to international standards (ISPM 15) but there have been several interceptions and findings of pest related to import of WPM in Europe in recent years.  


  • Aromia bungii


  • Ebenaceae
  • Juglandaceae
  • Lythraceae
  • Meliaceae
  • Oleaceae
  • Poaceae
  • Prunus armeniaca
  • Prunus avium
  • Prunus domestica
  • Prunus japonica
  • Prunus mume
  • Prunus persica
  • Rosaceae
  • Salicaceae
  • Theaceae


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