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Aromia bungii

List of PRAs (Organism)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Analizy Zagrożenia Agrofagiem (Ekspres PRA) dla Aromia bungii Faldermann 2021-06-15 2023-07-04
Aromia bungii ̶ Pest Report and Datasheet to support ranking of EU candidate priority pests 2019-06-03 2020-10-15
EPPO PRA for Aromia bungii 2014-09-30 2018-02-13
Express Pest Risk Analysis for Aromia bungii 2019-04-29 2020-11-03
Express PRA for Aromia bungii 2012-02-27 2019-07-08
Identification of potential invasive alien species in Spain through horizon scanning 2023-08-05 2024-02-27
Quickscan Aromia bungii 2013-01-17 2019-07-08
Rapid Pest Risk Analysis for Aromia bungii 2013-01-31 2019-02-07
Scientific opinion on the possibilities for entry and establishment of Red necked longicorn (Aromia bungii Faldermann, 1835) in the territory of Bulgaria and the possible consequences 2020-12-03 2024-04-26