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Fruit flies assessed as very low risk for the UK (2): Asteraceae


A large number of Tephritidae (fruit fly) species are quarantine pests in the EU, and hence Northern Ireland. We are in the process of assessing the list of species through the risk register, though many species have almost no information available. The following species have been added to the risk register over the past few months, and all are considered to pose a very low risk to the UK.

[Details in Plant Health Risk Register https://planthealthportal.defra.gov.uk/pests-and-diseases/uk-plant-health-risk-register .  A link to each species is available in the document to be downloaded below, as well as a document listing the scientiifc references used for the assessment]

Larvae feed in the seedheads of Asteraceae and have not been recorded causing impacts:

Asimoneura pantomelas   
 Campiglossa albiceps   
 Campiglossa californica   
 Campiglossa snowi   
 Craspedoxantha marginalis   
 Dioxyna chilensis   
 Goedenia stenoparia   
 Insizwa oblita   
 Neaspilota alba   
 Neaspilota reticulata   
 Paracantha trinotata   
 Sphenella nigricornis   
 Tephritis leavittensis   
 Tephritis ovatipennis   
 Trupanea femoralis   
 Trupanea wheeleri   
 Xanthaciura insecta

Larvae feed on Asteraceae, either in stems or leaves or their biology is unknown, and no impacts have been recorded:

Austrotephritis protrusa   
 Campiglossa duplex   
 Campiglossa reticulata   
 Eurosta solidaginis   
 Marriottella exquisita   
 Tephritis luteipes   
 Tephritis pura   
 Trypeta flaveola   
 Urophora christophi


  • Asimoneura pantomelas
  • Austrotephritis protrusa
  • Campiglossa albiceps
  • Campiglossa californica
  • Campiglossa duplex
  • Campiglossa reticulata
  • Campiglossa snowi
  • Craspedoxantha marginalis
  • Dioxyna chilensis
  • Eurosta solidaginis
  • Goedenia stenoparia
  • Insizwa oblita
  • Marriottella exquisita
  • Neaspilota reticulata
  • Paracantha trinotata
  • Sphenella nigricornis
  • Tephritis leavittensis
  • Tephritis luteipes
  • Tephritis ovatipennis
  • Tephritis pura
  • Trupanea femoralis
  • Trupanea wheeleri
  • Trypeta flaveola
  • Urophora christophi
  • Xanthaciura insecta


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