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Quick scan answer for four new species in the Neocosmospora ambrosia species group


This quick scan is for four new fungal species within the Neocosmospora ambrosia species group. These organisms were identified by the NPPO-NL as new species based on the analysis of the EF1a and rpb2 gene sequences obtained from the 684 bp and 1863 barcodes using the dataset described by Sandoval-Denis et al. (2019) and Lynn et al. (2020). These molecular results clearly show that these fungi are in the Neocosmospora ambrosia species group, but they are neither N. ambrosia (N. ambrosia (Gadd & loos) L. Lombard & Crous; family: Nectriaceae, order Hypocreales) nor N. euwalaceae (S. Freeman, Z. Mendel, T. Aoki & O’Donnell) Sandoval-Denis, L. Lombard & Crous nor any of the other known species in the group. The fungi were isolated from Euwallacea fornicatus s.l. insects and from mycelial tissue growing in bore holes and in the wood around bore holes of stems of Ficus spp. , Annona sp., Bauhinia sp. and Artocarpus sp.


  • Euwallacea fornicatus sensu lato
  • Fusarium ambrosium
  • Neocosmospora


  • Annona sp.
  • Artocarpus sp.
  • Bauhinia sp.
  • Ficus


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  • Netherlands