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List of PRAs (Organism)

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List of PRAs (Host)

Title Date PRA Date publication
CSL Pest risk analysis for Milviscutulus mangiferae 2008-05-02 2020-04-24
CSL Pest Risk Analysis For Pseudaulacaspis entagona 2007-01-01 2020-05-07
Express-PRA for Aclees taiwanensis – Occurrence 2022-05-04 2022-07-22
Express PRA for Icerya seychellarum 2018-09-04 2019-12-09
Express – PRA zu Bradybaena similaris – Beanstandung – (revised 2022) 2022-08-30 2022-11-04
Express-PRA zu Ceroplastes rusci 2019-09-26 2020-07-07
Express-PRA zu Fig mosaic virus 2018-10-08 2020-07-07
Identification of a potential pathway of the exotic black weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in South Korea 2022-04-29 2023-01-05
Identification of tree genera used in the construction of solid wood-packaging materials that arrived at US ports infested with live wood-boring insects 2020-04-18 2021-08-30
Pest categorisation of Pulvinaria psidii 2022-07-08 2022-09-06
Pest Risk Assessment Meloidogyne enterolobii 2008-01-01 2019-07-08
Pest Risk Assessment Scirtothrips dorsalis 2009-05-01 2019-07-08
Podsumowanie Analizy Zagrożenia Agrofagiem (Ekspres PRA) dla Spodoptera frugiperda 2018-11-22 2019-07-08
Quick scan answer for Coccotrypes cyperi 2021-06-23 2021-07-13
Quick scan answer for four new species in the Neocosmospora ambrosia species group 2021-06-21 2021-07-05
Quick scan answer for Hypothenemus spp. 2021-06-23 2021-07-13
Rapid Assessment of the need for a detailed Pest Risk Analysis for Ceroplastes rubens Maskell 2011-12-11 2019-07-11
Rapid Assessment of the need for a detailed Pest Risk Analysis for Ceroplastes rusci Takahashi 2011-09-21 2019-07-11
Rapid Pest Risk Analysis for Hop stunt viroid 2013-11-19 2020-04-24