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Quick scan answer for Hypothenemus spp.


: The quick scan was prompted by the finding of several species of Hypothenemus in a Dutch greenhouse that import and trade (sub)tropical plants. Individuals were caught in ethanol – baited Scolytinae traps placed in compartments with different (sub)tropical plant species and additional samples originated from plants for planting of Annona cherimola, Bauhinia x blakeana and Ficus sp.. Subsequent molecular analysis (based on CO1 sequence data) showed that these specimen possibly belonged to four species, none of them matching H. eruditus, H. hampei or H. obscurus (H. eruditus is present in several EU member states; H. hampei and H. obscurus are known as the economically most important Hypothenemus species).


  • Hypothenemus
  • Hypothenemus hampei
  • Hypothenemus obscurus


  • Annona cherimola
  • Bauhinia x blakeana
  • Ficus


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Pest Risk Analysis Download 248,83kB

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  • Netherlands