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The moth Earias vittella, endemic to south-eastern Asia and some parts of Oceania, is not found in Germany or the EU. At present, it is neither listed in the annexes to Directive 2000/29/EC nor at the EPPO. Earias vittella infests mallows (Malvaceae), such as cotton and ocra, but also ornamental plants such as the common hollyhock (Alcea rosea) and hibiscus. Earias vittella is a significant pest in respect of cotton and ocra. It demonstrates high levels of resistance to the insecticides used and is difficult to control. It is to be assumed that the moth could colonise certain areas of the Mediterranean, particularly where cotton growing predominates (e.g. Greece and Spain), due to suitable climatic conditions. Germany's climatic conditions and host-plant specialisation means that the phytosanitary risk in Germany is low. However, the pest probably constitutes a high phytosanitary risk for southern Member States, in particular those that grow cotton. Due to this risk analysis, it must be assumed that although the pest would not establish in Germany, it could establish in other Member States in the Mediterranean region and cause damage to cotton and mallow plants. Measures should therefore be taken to avert the risk of introducing this potential quarantine pest as per Section 4a of the (PBVO) Plant Inspection Ordinance. The intercepted consignment should therefore be destroyed as per Section 4a of the Plant Inspection Ordinance (PBVO).


  • Earias vittella


  • Alcea rosea
  • Malvaceae


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