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Rapid assessment of the need for a detailed Pest Risk Analysis for Monterey pine aphid, Essigella californica


This rapid assessment shows: 

Likelihood of entry was: LIKELY on plants for planting, taking into account the fact the aphid has arrived and was found on a small number of trees at one locality in west London, and a second population is established at a location in Kent. 

Entry was UNLIKELY or MODERATELY LIKELY for the other three pathways considered. 

Likelihood of establishment is: HIGH The climate of the UK is suitable for establishment and spread, and all Pinus species can act as hosts. 

Economic impact is expected to be: LOW, but there is potential for interaction with red band needle blight. 

Endangered area: all of the UK, except perhaps the far north and higher altitudes. 

Risk management: Infested trees could be sprayed with insecticide, but this is only likely to be practical for smaller trees.


  • Essigella californica


  • Pinus


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  • United Kingdom