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Pest Risk Analysis for Pepino mosaic virus


The only practical phytosanitary measure for reducing the risk of further entry into and spread of PepMV within the EU that has been identified is for seed of tomato. 

The most inexpensive measure is that which already exists for tomato seed, i.e. a requirement for acid extraction or an equivalent measure. 

The addition of a requirement for treatment would potentially reduce the risk from PepMV further and would be inexpensive; indeed, some seed houses are already utilising this approach. The addition of a requirement for a choice between seed originating from a pest-free crop, pest-free place of production or a pest-free area, (symptom-free mother plants and possibly testing; and/or seed testing), would enhance the efficacy of the risk management options being proposed. The EPPO protocol for detection of PepMV arising from this project could be usefully deployed to determine the best approach. 

It is recommended that these measures are considered by decision-makers in light of the findings of the PRA to determine future policy for PepMV in the EU.


  • Potexvirus pepini


  • Solanum lycopersicum
  • Solanum muricatum


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