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Rapid assessment of the need for a detailed Pest Risk Analysis for Musotima nitidalis


This rapid assessment shows: 

Risk of entry – Unlikely. Probably entered UK on tree ferns from Australasia before trade was regulated. 

Risk of establishment – Very Likely outside and under protection.

Economic impact – Small. Some uncertainty over potential impact on native species, but no records of damage and none reported in native region. 

Endangered area – Specialist importers of ferns and individual specimen plants. Unknown effect on native flora.

Risk management - Exclusion, eradication and containment of this pest seem inappropriate given the small likelihood of impact and the possibility of naturalisation.


  • Musotima nitidalis


  • Adiantum
  • Histiopteris incisa
  • Pteridium esculentum


Type File Size
Pest Risk Analysis Download 105,98kB

PRA Area

  • United Kingdom