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Pest Risk Analysis for Phytophthora lateralis


P. lateralis is present in the UK but subject to official control. It also has the potential to enter the country on imported plant material (where permitted) and in associated soil or growing media from other affected European countries (France, The Netherlands and Belgium), from Asia which is the likely origin of the pathogen, and possibly also from North America although the prohibition of conifer imports from this region should prevent entry.


  • Phytophthora lateralis


  • Actinidia chinensis
  • Actinidia deliciosa
  • Catharanthus roseus
  • Chamaecyparis formosensis
  • Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
  • Chamaecyparis obtusa
  • Chamaecyparis pisifera
  • Juniperus horizontalis
  • Juniperus sabina
  • Kalmia latifolia
  • Photinia x fraseri
  • Platycladus orientalis
  • Rhododendron sp.
  • Taxus brevifolia
  • Thuja plicata


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  • United Kingdom