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Pest Risk Analysis - Rhabdoscelus obscurus


In The Netherlands, adults, pupae and larvae of Rhabdoscelus obscurus were found in one greenhouse in an imported consignment of Phoenix palms from Indonesia in 2007. The species is a pest of sugar cane and palm trees in its current area of distribution. Emergency measures were taken to eradicate the pest. The pest is not listed as a quarantine pest for the European Community at present. Note R. obscurus is a quarantine pest in the USA and listed as an A1 pest by COSAVE, OIRSA, East Africa, Southern Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay (EPPO database on geographical distribution and host plants of quarantine pests, version 4.6).


  • Rhabdoscelus obscurus


  • Areca catechu
  • Arecaceae
  • Carica papaya
  • Cocos nucifera
  • Metroxylon sagu
  • Musa
  • Musa x paradisiaca
  • Poaceae
  • Saccharum
  • Saccharum officinarum
  • Strelitzia reginae
  • Zea mays


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