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Express PRA for Lepturges confluens


The longhorn beetle Lepturges confluens is native to North America and so far, it is not present in Germany and the EU. Currently, it is neither listed in the Annexes of Directive 2000/29/EC nor by EPPO. 

Lepturges confluens develops in dead deciduous trees, mainly of the genera Juglans and Carya, but also on Cornus, Diospyrus, Fagus, Liquidambar and Quercus. Due to appropriate climate conditions, it is assumed that the longhorn beetle is able to establish outdoors in Germany. The establishment in South European Member States is possible, too. No damage through this longhorn beetle is known on plants, thus, L. confluens does not present a phytosanitary risk for Germany and other EU Member States. Based on this risk analysis, it is assumed that the longhorn beetle is able to establish in Germany or another Member State. Nevertheless, damage through the beetle has not to be expected. Thus, L. confluens is not classified as a potential quarantine pest and § 4a of the Plant Inspection Order does not apply.


  • Lepturges confluens


  • Carya
  • Cornus
  • Diospyros
  • Fagus
  • Juglans
  • Liquidambar
  • Quercus


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  • Germany