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This Quickscan was prompted by an interception of Coccotrypes cyperi by Sweden on plants for planting of Ficus that had been imported from the Netherlands. The Ficus plants originated from a third country and the species had most likely entered the EU through import of the plants. C. cyperi is a non -European Scolytinae species and as such listed as an EU quarantine pest (as non -European Scolytidae). This EU quarantine status is not based on a pest categorization or risk assessment of each individual Scolytinae species. Therefore, a Quickscan was performed to assess if C. cyperi meets the criteria of an EU quarantine pest. The species can enter on plants for planting and wood of its host plants. It is assessed to be likely that C. cyperi can establish in (parts of) southern EU. No evidence was found that the species is causing economic impacts in its current area of distribution including the continents on which it has been introduced. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that the species meets all of the criteria of an EU quarantine pest (one of the criteria is having an unacceptable impact after introduction)


  • Coccotrypes cyperi


  • Ficus


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