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Express Pest Risk Analysis for Tecia solanivora


The likelihood of T. solanivora to enter Switzerland is low. Important import restrictions are in place. However, private persons might illegally import potatoes from South and Central America, the Canary Island or infested areas in Spain. 

Due to cold winters a long term establishment of T. solanivora in Switzerland is only possible when T. solanivora is able to develop in potato warehouses with tubers for processing or consumption and can escape from there to potato fields in spring. This might be possible due to open transports of potatoes from warehouses/ distribution centres to potato processors or retailers. However, due to the low storage temperatures, it is not clear, if T. solanivora could develop and built up populations. Therefore, the risk of establishment is rated as low but uncertainty as moderate. 

The strict usage of certified seed potatoes would hinder a fast spread. But potatoes are transported within whole Switzerland which would favour the spreading.

Direct impact from damages caused by T. solanivora are estimated to be low. However, export restrictions and trade restrictions within Switzerland would harm the potato sector. 

So far, no additional phytosanitary measures are needed to reduce the risk arising from T. solanivora.


  • Tecia solanivora


  • Solanum tuberosum


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