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Fruit flies assessed as very low risk for the UK (1)


A large number of Tephritidae (fruit fly) species are quarantine pests in the EU, and hence Northern Ireland. We are in the process of assessing the list of species through the risk register, though many species have almost no information available. The following species have been added to the risk register over the past few months, and all are considered to pose a very low risk to the UK.

[Details in Plant Health Risk Register https://planthealthportal.defra.gov.uk/pests-and-diseases/uk-plant-health-risk-register; a link to each species is available in the document, as well as a document listing the scientiifc references used for the assessment]

Larvae feed in the shoots or stems of bamboo and other grasses:

Bistrispinaria fortis   
Bistrispinaria magniceps   
Acanthonevra dunlopi   
Acroceratitis distincta   
Gastrozona nigrifemur   
Ptilona confinis   
Ptilona persimilis

Larve feed in tropical fruit species not commonly grown in the UK:

Anastrepha curvicauda   
Anastrepha recurcauda   
Carpomya incompleta   
Dirioxa pornia   
Monacrostichus citricola   
Taomyia marshalli   
Trypanocentra nigrithorax

The remainder have been recorded from various plants, see individual species for details of hosts:

Acidiella kagoshimensis   
Acidoxantha bombacis   
Callistomyia flavilabris   
Euleia separata   
Euphranta camelliae   
Euphranta cassiae   
Euphranta oshimensis   
Paratephritis fukaii   
Paratephritis takeuchii   
Philophylla fossata   
Sphaeniscus binoculatus


  • Acanthonevra dunlopi
  • Acidiella kagoshimensis
  • Acidoxantha bombacis
  • Acroceratitis distincta
  • Anastrepha curvicauda
  • Anastrepha recurcauda
  • Bistrispinaria fortis
  • Bistrispinaria magniceps
  • Callistomyia flavilabris
  • Carpomya incompleta
  • Dirioxa pornia
  • Euleia separata
  • Euphranta camelliae
  • Euphranta cassiae
  • Euphranta oshimensis
  • Gastrozona nigrifemur
  • Monacrostichus citricola
  • Paratephritis fukaii
  • Paratephritis takeuchii
  • Philophylla fossata
  • Ptilona confinis
  • Ptilona persimilis
  • Sphaeniscus binoculatus
  • Taomyia marshalli
  • Tephritidae
  • Trypanocentra nigrithorax


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